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About us

About Us :

-> unionsqd-Gaming is founded in 2007 by a poor Greek + a poor dutch player, a lazy Italian and a Polak with bad internet, When they decided to unite their clans into one.
So Alk@ida and Ang3l clan become one to make unionsqd-Gaming. unionsqd_Gaming Started playing the game ''Call of Duty 1'' at the pc for a few years. A while later we started to play competitive. Since that was a great succes we decided to also start a ''Call of Duty 2'' squad and we started playing competitive. We are also trying to start a ''Call of Duty 4'' squad , a ''Counter Strike Global Offensive'' squad and a ''League of Legends'' squad.

Rewards :

-> Call of Duty 1 team since 2007, longest standing team in the vCoD RO Scene
-> Clanbase CoD RO Summer 2011 second league THIRD PLACE
-> Clanbase CoD RO OpenCup Fall 2011 second league FIRST PLACE

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