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  • JumpersHeaven
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Jumpers Heaven is a free multiplayer parkour (jump-n-run) mod for the classic first-person shooter Call of Duty 2.

The mod creates a hybrid gametype, which mixes the traditional gameplay of platform games with a first-person view and advanced movement / jumping techniques. In a typical level, you have to jump to and from suspended platforms and get through various obstacles, in order to reach the end. Usually there are various puzzles, which must be solved to proceed forward and successfully complete the level – searching for objects or keys, avoiding traps such as lasers or alarms, passing mazes, and so on. You can also look for secrets, which give you access to bonus areas, after you reach the end. Some levels are built in the typical platform games fashion with many static and moving platforms, obstacles and death traps, while others have realistic design and storyline, cutscenes and effects.

  • PB-Bans
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PBBans is a private community that works with game server administrators, players, and subject matter experts to pool their experience and information about cheaters. As cheats are caught through PunkBusterâ„¢ violations, screenshots or demos, they are added to our Master Ban Index (MBI). The MBI can then be filtered and downloaded to suit each registered game server admin.

Our goal is to educate server admin/players and stop online cheaters in their tracks. PunkBusterâ„¢ is a self-updating Anti-Cheat software system developed by Even Balance Inc. PBBans is not supported, affiliated or endorsed by Even Balance / PunkBuster.